Areas of operation

The scalable deployment network can be used in a wide variety of scenarios!

The TacticNet is a scalable operational area network that gives you the opportunity to equip any number of vehicles, units or emergency forces as Xpanders, thus expanding the network with each unit that is added. The Alpha TacticNet components are available in the variants “Base” and “Flight”. The TacticNet offers far-reaching reconnaissance and communication possibilities and can be used both preventively and in a current dangerous situation. Possible target groups are, for example, the fire brigade, police and rescue services, mountain guards as well as use in disaster control.

Fire brigade

Uncontrolled forest fires, moorland fires, but also chaotic fires in urban areas or industrial zones repeatedly pose great challenges to the fire brigade and also entail many dangers for the emergency services. The TacticNet is optimally designed for such operational scenarios. The more confusing the situation, the more valuable the intelligent communication network becomes. TacticNet provides strategically important personnel with a complete overview at all times using image, HD video and map material – live and in real time. In this way, the right decisions can be made quickly and effectively, damage to property and nature can be reduced and, above all, human lives can be protected.


Police and rescue services

Kilometre-long traffic jams, congested detours, pile-ups, accidents with fire or explosion hazards, large-scale raids, car chases, search operations (missing persons reports), major events with police protection (see point “Major events”) … the list of possible uses of TacticNet for the police is long. Too often, avoidable disasters develop due to a lack of technology and an overall view. Practically every police vehicle can be integrated as an equipment carrier vehicle (Xpander) in the communication network and used for dynamic expansion of the surveillance area.


Mountain rescue

Time and again there are life-threatening situations or reports of people missing on mountain tours or ski slopes in Germany. In this context, the mountain rescue teams attend to about 12,000 operations a year. Especially in the colder months of the year, the chances of survival of people in distress depend on the rapid action of the emergency services. In this environment, TacticNet offers the most advanced digital technology to save people, but also to protect emergency personnel.


Catastrophe protection

Disasters are a hazard and danger situation of major proportions with a particularly high threat to life, health and/or the environment. Catastrophe protection unites a large number of public and voluntary emergency, relief and rescue services in order to save lives and/or avert or minimise damage on a broad and comprehensive scale. Behind it is an immense coordination and communication effort, for which the TacticNet is perfectly designed. By integrating all units into a central network with fast real-time transmission rates in image, video and sound, TacticNet can make a decisive contribution towards a successful disaster response.


Major events

These can be demonstrations, open-air festivals but also sporting events with a high risk factor (e.g. derbies in professional football). In such situations, TacticNet makes it possible to localise the development of outbreaks of violence and/or hotspots of danger at an early stage and to direct the emergency personnel quickly and precisely in order to avoid uncontrolled developments in advance. Maximum flexibility, maximum mobility: even a single person can be part of the TacticNet in a confined environment via the base module and make an important contribution to preventing and/or clearing hazards through the appropriate network extension.


The TacticNet for your operation!