Live air surveillance for the detection and prevention of potential hazards.

With the TacticNet mobile operational network developed by Alpha Robotics, all strategically important persons involved with an operational situation receive all information – in real time.

Always the right information at the right time.

In an operational situation, a lot of crucial information is passed on by conventional means via radio, which is often difficult without visual support. 
For this reason, camera drones (UAV) are increasingly being used. With the current technology, this information reaches strategically important personnel too late. The TacticNet offers opportunities to make information more usable:

  • Provision of information from imaging components such as UAV, UGV and other cameras or smartphones
  • Communication support at the deployment site by Messenger/chat
  • Map representation of the operational situation and position of the deployed forces

The components

The TacticNet consists of any number of modules in two different variants. The range of the operational network increases with each module deployed.


The TacticNet Base module enables basic participation in TacticNet without the imaging component. Each TacticNet module extends the network’s reach and provides access to the functions of the TacticNet-App.


Same function as TacticNet Base, extended by a camera and thermal imaging drone with the licence to transmit images to TacticNet.

One app for everything

Deployment site communication on a new level.

  • Provision of a live stream from the camera and thermal imaging drones for access-authorised emergency personnel
  • Sending text messages, pictures and GPS coordinates via chat function
  • Position detection of vehicles and personnel
  • Map-based selection of units including the non-verbal transfer of commands

Example scenario

The example shows the fire brigade’s response to a wildfire. With TacticNet, the situation is monitored in real time so that emergency personnel can be coordinated in a protected manner.


The TacticNet for your operation!